The setbacks in Florida, Wisconsin and Ohio have highlighted the urgent need for the HISPR community to better communicate the benefits of passenger rail development. For the regions with current projects that are receiving substantial funding (the Pacific Northwest, California, Chicago-St. Louis, Chicago-Detroit, New England, the Northeast Corridor, and the Southeast Corridor), it will be crucial to clearly articulate the important role that HSIPR will play in the future of the local transportation system, in addition to the economic impact and job creation it will bring.  With states and the federal government having to make tough budget choices, HSIPR stakeholders will need to do a better job making this argument at both a local and national level.


AHSRA looks forward to working with each HSIPR corridor to:

  • Explain the mobility benefits of HSIPR at a hyper-local level, while making the connection to the larger regional and national issues of economic development, transportation infrastructure efficiency, energy independence and environmental sustainability;
  • Assess what funding and financing alternatives may be available to move projects along at a more rapid pace;
  • Assist with the reduction in federal red tape, bureaucratic delays, and unnecessary reviews to more quickly receive available funding and expedite project delivery; and
  • Support corridor efforts to implement safety and interoperability standards consistent with international best practices.

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