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AHSRA is a membership driven organization and our success is directly tied to the financial contribution and active participation of our members.

The Alliance is made up of key players including State Departments of Transportation, domestic and international rail manufacturing and supply companies, developers and engineering firms, labor unions, advocacy organizations and other companies inside and those outside of the traditional rail transportation and infrastructure network.


Chairman’s Circle
This class of membership consists of any Tier II or Tier III member who has provided substantial underwriting of the Alliance.  Members of the Chairman Circle are committed to support the operations of the Alliance and, in return, receive the highest visibility at AHSRA events and are recognized for their contributions through a leadership role in one of the taskforces.


Business Membership
This class of membership consists of private companies interested in the development of high speed rail corridors in the United States, including: investment and financing firms; public private partnership practices; manufacturers and suppliers; developers, contractors and engineering firms; professional services firms; international companies and organizations


Government Entities / Affiliates / Academic Institutions
This class of membership consists of agencies of local, state, regional, or federal levels of government; advocacy groups and nonprofit organizations with an interest in high speed rail; and, academic institutions, such as University Transportation Centers.



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