AHSRA to Attend Railroad Safety Advisory Committee Meeting

February 14, 2011

Six Year Plan to Build National High Speed Rail Network -Photo Credit-Reuters

The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) established the Railroad Safety Advisory Committee (RSAC) to develop consensus recommendations on safety issues. RSAC contains representatives from all major groups interested in rail safety.

AHSRA will be represented at the RSAC meeting by Phil Davila, Chairman of the Alliance’s Standards, Regulatory and Interoperability Council and partner of Seneca Group, LLC. Mr. Davila has over 25 years of project management and marketing experience in the transportation and power generation industries. He has served in various roles focusing on the introduction of new technology in the railroad market place, including most recently establishing new positive train control technology in Australia and North America by performing a variety of scheduling, budgeting and technology development tasks.

The FRA seeks RSAC’s recommendations on specific safety regulatory tasks. As each task is assigned, the RSAC may elect to accept or reject the task, or recommend that the task be restructured. On those tasks that it accepts, RSAC members appoint a working group of those most involved with the subject covered by the task. If the working group’s recommendations are unanimously adopted by that group and by a majority of the full RSAC, they are presented to the FRA Administrator.


  • For more information on RSAC click here.
  • For more information on AHSRA’s Standards, Regulatory and Interoperability Council click here.

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