The American High Speed Rail Alliance (AHSRA) has established three task forces that focus on our core issues: Public Private Investment and Project Financing, Corridor Development and Developing a High Speed Rail Manufacturing Base.  The different task forces serve as the focal point for dialogue and networking on the challenges and opportunities surrounding development and implementation of high speed rail corridors.  Each task force is subdivided in one or more working groups that focus on a single strategic topic or geographic area.

The three task forces push AHSRA’s agenda and the working groups are dedicated to provide a resource for information and drive recommendations for high speed and intercity passenger rail development.  For more information on involvement in a task force or working group, please inquire at info@americanhsra.org or 202-715-1259.


Through dialogue with industry and public sector members, this task force will focus on the challenges of establishing viable public-private partnerships and business models for innovative investment.  AHSRA has already had several meetings with the Chairman of the House T&I Committee and professional staff and have been asked to provide recommendations.  These models are ones that that make deployment attractive for both industry and the public sector, that ensure long term financial support and implementation, and assist USDOT, the FRA and state and local authorities in establishing leadership and governance where needed.

Working groups will include: Railroad Rehabilitation and Improvement Financing (RRIF) Loan Program.


It is in the benefit of all regional passenger rail systems and FRA designated high speed rail corridors to come together and meet on a regular basis.  As part of the discussion, political and business leaders will discuss the different types of passenger rail systems that can be developed in America, marketing strategies for building grassroots and business community support for high speed rail, and sharing of experience and knowledge between the corridors and working towards common regulations and procurement plans to take advantage of best practices that benefit American business, create American jobs, and build American infrastructure.

The emerging high speed rail corridors will connect metropolitan centers by providing higher speed passenger rail access to cities and communities, which is a direct opportunity for the business community as well as our regional economic development efforts.  High speed rail will directly contribute to the ongoing economic revival of regional hubs and allow interconnections to local transit services, while reducing our energy consumption and our carbon emissions.  This task force will address the real estate development opportunities at and along the high speed rail destinations and corridors providing jobs and economic benefits to the cites the corridors serve.

Working groups will include: Northeast Corridor, California Corridor, Chicago-St. Louis and North Carolina.


Safety regulation has important implications on interoperability, the market in railway equipment, and competitiveness and globalization of the industry.  The decisions on regulatory policy have important impacts on the expenditure of billions in investment and development.  This task force will seek to remove obstacles to innovation or new entrants to encourage evolution and growth of the market.  The working groups will focus on compatibility and synchronization between railway systems, the development of high speed rail standards into a more dynamic industry, with more innovation, more operators including new entrants, and a wider range of suppliers.

AHSRA supports the concept for Buy America but also recognizes that in order to develop a new industry, it must be done on an incremental approach.  A working group will address the fact that we are living in a global rail industry and insisting on all-American content from day one could mean losing 10 years in building our HSR supply chain. The task force will educate and advocate for a more pragmatic approach to Buy America based on the long term goal of creating a US manufacturing base and developing the technical skills required to produce high speed technology.

Working groups will include: Interoperability, Buy America Provisions, and Job Creation

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